Charles Attwood Thomas


Cleanse Medical

IT and web design work for a medical cleaning company.

Worked for a medical cleaning company. Purchased and set up IMAP email accounts in Outlook and Windows Mail. Helped transition to Sage 50. Set up laptop, configured Office 365, antivirus software and printerw.


Odot Go

A todo list app, based on the Rails course from Team Treehouse, built in Go.

A todo list app, based on the Ruby on Rails course from Team Treehouse, built in Go. Makes use of Go, Postgres and deployed on Heroku.


Revinote iOS

An iOS app forming part of a platform providing a way to easily write revision notes.

An iOS app that provides a way to easily write revision notes. Makes use of Swift, Xcode and Firebase.


Archery Score Log

A mobile score log for archers for Android users

This a simple android app, built in Android Studio, that allows archers to score their ends. With it they can store the number of arrows fired (support for up to six arrow ends), the score of each arrow, the distance from which they shot, where the shot, whether they shot indoors or outdoors and whether they shot barebow or with sights. In the production of this app I learnt how to work with the action bar (parent activities and adding icons), how to display data in a list view and the use of SQLite in android applications (I create, read and delete data). I also tried to use the MVC pattern by splitting my views into XML files (as required by android) and splitting my model and controller into separate packages. I also created custom icons and graphics for when this app is eventually deployed on the Play Store.


Social Network

An open source social network built using Flask.


  • Instant Messaging: We will include a way to instantly message other users. At the moment it is powered by AJAX but may be moved to websockets. Implemented and works with friendship system. Planning to add the ability to view who's online. master
  • Posts: Each user will be able to post public messages. Hopefully, this will integrate with the friendship system. Implemented and has been intergrated with friendship system. master
  • Friendship: Users will be able to friend each other - limiting whose posts they see. The system will be similar to Facebook. Implemented master
  • Posts editor: Posts are created via the use of markdown, we provide an easy to use editor for the posts. This also includes a live preview. Finished - however it is likely to receive alterations.

Tools Used

  • Python Used to write the backend of our app.
  • Flask: A Python micro web framework used to build our app.
  • Peewee: A simple database ORM for our models.
  • HTML & Jinja2: When building the frontend of our app we used HTML with Jinja2 templating (which is included by default in Flask) to load data from the backend into our pages.
  • CSS & font awesome: We used CSS to style the site, we also used a few libary's and frameworks to speed up the process. Font awesome is a really useful framework for using icons in a webpage, they work as a font and some css styling. We also used normalize.css for cross platform consistency
  • Javascript & JQuery: To send and receive posts without reloading the page we used AJAX (or more accurately AJAJ).
  • PageDown Editor: All of the posts are written in markdown, so to provide an editor for them we decided to use the pagedown editor, which also features in We decided to restyle the tool bar uisng icons from font-awesome